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  1. Bill75

    Murder Suicide, Need Advise Pronto!

    I just got back from an inspection (vacant house) and I realized why the contract price was 37k under list price. Found the sellers disclosure and it was checked that other than death by natural causes, suicide,... occurred on the property. I Googled the property and sure enough there was a...
  2. K

    Damage Indicators - Herbicide Drift

    Hello All , I may soon be appraising residential properties where vegetation may have been affected by herbicide spray drifting from the adjacent farms. I'm looking for any data that demonstrates the economic impact of vegetation loss and/or any stigma attached to the documented presence of...
  3. AppraisingKY

    Seeking Info On Findings Regarding Mold Stigma

    Hi All, I'm searching for any data that indicates stigma after mold/water leak remediation, particularly on high-end residential properties. Will gladly reciprocate with data I found elsewhere. Thanks in advance!
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