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  1. Overimprovement

    Total Settings

    Does anyone know how to backup/save total settings (quicklists, contacts, etc) WITHOUT paying for Exact/vault? I know several use external drives for their files, which I am investigating, but losing all my settings would be a killer...taken me years to build all those up.

    For Dave/matt Biggars [re: Total]

    Please inbox me... I'm a frustrated customer and really would welcome the opportunity to speak or communicate directly with you. Been in contact with customer service - numerous times - over a year and half period without any changes/improvements or resolution. While I appreciate...

    Mr Biggars. Can You Help Me Get An Improvement Implemented?

    I've input a time-saving suggestion over a year ago thru your tech support dept; I've phoned or emailed multiple times... no result or implementation... I feel tech support is useless as I'm not sure if what I'm requesting is being communicated effectively to your programmers, or even at all...
  4. PMM

    Adding Signature To Total (a La Mode) As A Trainee

    Does anyone here have recent experience using Total as a trainee? What is the correct way to upload and apply your signature to reports as a trainee? When I import my signature, I'm prompted to choose between "Licensed" and "Certified". Neither is correct, but I'm forced to choose one or I cant...
  5. juliekt

    Surface Pro 4 And Total

    I've seen many posts about this, but none of them are directly answering what I've been wondering. Can I download and use the TOTAL software to write reports at home with the keyboard and bluetooth mouse on my Surface Pro? I'm not worried about using it in the field and I'm not trying to...
  6. B

    Sufficiency Of Cost Approach?

    Questions for you reviewers... How thorough does the cost approach have to be to be considered "sufficient"? Here is an example from Marshall & Swift's swiftestimator plugin for TOTAL from a la mode. Comments on the left hand side of the cost approach indicate "See Data Entry Report for...
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