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trainee appraiser

  1. A

    Hiring in Oregon, Washington and Texas

    Aloft Appraisals is currently hiring Senior Residential Appraisers, as well as current trainees and individuals willing to take the necessary classes to come on board as appraisal trainees. Aloft is a tech start up company focusing on efficient turn times as well proving superior customer...
  2. S

    I am Appraiser Trainee looking for Supervisor in the Milwaukee area

    Hi! My name is Filip, and I recently finished three courses that allow me to start getting work experience in the Real Estate Appraising area. I am seeking a Supervisor who would like to train me. I live in the Milwaukee area, and I have my car. I am a very motivated and dedicated person. I...
  3. B

    New appraiser trainee looking for a mentor (San Jose)

    Hello, My name is Bryson King and I have recently completed the required coursework to become an appraiser in training. Am looking for a certified residential appraiser to work under and train me. If you know of anyone thats hiring that would be greatly appreciated!
  4. lcadle

    Seeking Supervisor for Trainee in Cincinnati, OH

    Hello, I am looking for a mentor in the Cincinnati area. I am also a Realtor and Notary. Thanks so much!
  5. Alijandi20

    Do trainees need to sign reports for licensure?

    Hi guys, I've been a trainee for about a year now, I'm 700 hours into the 1000 hour req. for MI licensed appraisers and I have 2 classes left on McKissock. So far, I haven't signed any of the reports I've worked on and I'm having a hard time finding info on LARA or TAF websites about whether...
  6. Socrates

    Trainee/Data Entry Monmouth/Ocean County

    Looking for a trainee to help out with writing reports. Willing to include field training for the right person. Familiarity with Clickforms preferable. Willing to train the right person who has some established skills in the profession. Willing to provide supervisory assistance as well...
  7. B

    Trainee Pay

    I am an appraisal trainee with 6 months left in my training. My trainer wants me to start taking jobs and doing most of the work on my own and in turn will be changing to piecework instead of hourly. I am trying to analyze and come up with a fee sheet and need some advice. How much do others pay...
  8. W

    I Am A Trainee Looking For A Supervisor In The Greater Milwaukee Area

    I am looking for a company that wants a new trainee in the greater Milwaukee area. Does anyone know who I can contact?
  9. Otniel Gross

    Trainee Looking For Mentor, San Antonio

    Residential Appraiser Trainee looking for a mentor here in San Antonio, TX. I was a teacher before and I am eager to start becoming an appraiser. Already Texas trainee certified.
  10. A Brit in California

    Taking On A Trainee. 10 - 15 Per Hour

    About 3 months ago I took on my first trainee. First and probably last. After about 2 months they went to work full time with another appraiser long before I was ever able to recoup any of the money/time spent helping to train that person. After talking with several other appraisers.....one of...
  11. A Brit in California

    Looking To Become An Appraiser?

    Just wanted to post a few random thoughts about new appraisers, trainees and those thinking about becoming appraisers. I've been working with my first trainee now for about 2-3 months. He has a real estate background as a broker so he knows the "lingo" so to speak. With all his real estate...
  12. E

    Re Trainee In Los Angeles

    I have a background in urban planning, which is a closely related field to appraising and I am looking for a mentor that can assist me in the hours needed to get my license. I have my B.A. in Urban Planning and also an MPA, with an emphasis in Urban Studies & Planning. I am interested in...
  13. F

    Trainee Looking For A Supervisor In San Bernardino Or Riverside County

    Hi, My name is Frank. I live in South California. I am a trainee who is looking for a supervisor. I got the appraisal trainee license for 2 month, but I haven't found a mentor. I have been a licensed real estate agent for 3 years, so I have my own MLS. I am a quick learner and work hard...
  14. wward35634

    Los Angeles Trainee

    Hello ALL! Okay, enough of me cyber-stalking this Forum without introducing myself. My name is Will and I am a Los Angeles native living in Lakewood, CA (near Long Beach). I love everything about doing field appraisals; measuring, taking photographs, making adjustments, using formulas, etc...
  15. M

    Adding An Appraiser

    I have been solo for 10 years. A few years ago, I hired my brother so he could get certified. He has finally received his certification. How do you run a business while having other appraisers on staff? So far my clients have been open to adding him to the rotation because he is an extension of...
  16. PMM

    Adding Signature To Total (a La Mode) As A Trainee

    Does anyone here have recent experience using Total as a trainee? What is the correct way to upload and apply your signature to reports as a trainee? When I import my signature, I'm prompted to choose between "Licensed" and "Certified". Neither is correct, but I'm forced to choose one or I cant...
  17. Mary Hammer

    Looking For A Trainee Position In Northern Colorado!

    Good afternoon, Appraisers! My name is Mary Hammer, and I am a RE/MAX Realtor in Fort Collins. While I love helping people buy and sell real estate, I’ve become increasingly interested in the possibility of becoming an appraiser. As you know, in order to accomplish this, in addition to taking...
  18. K. Goatley

    Limited Appraiser - Se Michigan

    The William Fall Group, one of the nation's largest independent residential appraisal firms is seeking a Limited Appraiser in Michigan to join our development program. Appraiser Trainees will develop skills and experience that lead to credentialing as a Licensed or Certified Real Estate...
  19. LandonK

    Looking For An Appraiser Supervisor In The Nashville Area

    Hey there, I am currently looking for a new supervisor in the Nashville area to learn and gather valuable experience from. I briefly started with a General Appraiser but have quickly realized that it isn't the the right situation. I grew up working and mentoring under my mom who is a...
  20. R

    Appraiser Trainee Seeking Mentor In Portland, Oregon Area

    I am a trainee who is seeking a Mentor in the Portland, Oregon area. After selling my tire store and home schooling my child, I am embarking on a new career and am determined to become a residential appraiser. If you or anyone you know is looking for help, please let me know. If you think you...
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