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  1. techbiker

    Help Brainstorming Zoning Uses

    Dear Appraisers, I’ve owned a ¼ acre (about 9500 sq ft useable) LI-zoned vacant corner property (500 and 506 S Crockett Ave. in Denison, TX) for a few years. My expectation per the City's 2018 comprehensive plan was to build a residential duplex. The current nearby LI uses are declining or...
  2. Ferstl00

    Condominium Conundrum

    I have a very oddball assignment that has been dragging on for weeks now. Hoping someone out there can help me figure this out... I was asked to appraise a unit in a 4 unit building. All of the surrounding dwellings are single family and zoned as such. The city zoned the subject parcel...
  3. austintheappraisr

    Property Zoning

    I talked with the state earlier this week and they told me that every time you do an appraisal, you need to get in touch with the city via phone or email in order to determine the proper zoning for the subject property. Does anyone actually do this? Or does everybody do this? (n) I've dealt...
  4. F

    "use Code" Vs. Zoning

    I have not seen many of these differences on a title report. This is in Riverside county, California Property Type: Apartments Use Code: Apartment house (5+ units) Zoning: R3 It is zoned R3, but there are 4 units. Shouldn't the maximum allowedbe just 3? But then the use code is for 5+...
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