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Alice in Wonderland or...

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In the grid portion of the URAR 704, 2055 etc. I use the terms "More favorable", "Less favorable" and "comparable"

Once every 10 years I find a matched pair of sales in my rural counties where the term "comparable" is used more than my typical Less Favorable or More favorable.

Now I get a complaint that I am using the term comparable too much in the grid and the UW wants it changed.

I think it was the caterpillar in ALice in Wonderland who told ALice that words meant what he said they meant. , no more or no less

Now Ive seen others use "Superior", "Inferior" and "---------"

I told the AMC to have the UW tell me what to put in and get on with life. and so it goes...


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Jan 16, 2002
would that be like using; "similar" ; "Less Similar" ; and Not Similar :?: 8O :? :roll:

we can create our own problems can't we - there words only words - but hey, some people like some words and other people don't like some words, don't ya think 8O


Jo Ann Meyer Stratton

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Jan 16, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
I use descriptive words in the grid as much as I can for my subject and all comparables. For location I use the name of the subdivision or area name like Artesia. For quality of construction if have for example Avg / SlBlk / Comp which means average quality, slump block exterior wall, composition roof. If the condition is different than average I use words like "roof", "flooring", etc. And then in the attached addendum I will also describe in more detail for each comparable where they vary from the subject. The more descriptive, the less callbacks! :D
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