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Any Michiganders from/familiar with Atlanta region?

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Kristina Ledesma

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Oct 12, 2006
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(thread also posted in the Georgia forum...)

I have a friend who's husband is being relocated from Michigan (Walled Lake/SE Michigan) to Atlanta, GA.

They presently have a $250,000+/- home (1.5 sty/built 1994/1,900sf/basement) in the suburbs and are hoping to land in a "similar" community.

However, the catch is she will be moving her horse down there.
They would most likely base where they move on its proximity to the right facility. She goes daily, so she would like to have a minimal drive (15-20 minutes, maybe 30) from where they move to the barn/stable.

She hopes to find a similar facility as where she's at now:
A stable/barn with an outdoor arena and preferably covered/enclosed arena. Also, would really prefer if there were nearby/attached riding trails.
Either pasture board or stall board for $300+/-.

She's a little hesitant about a "show" barn or "specified discipline" barn, where sometimes the atmosphere isn't as friendly or laid back as a pleasure/trail rider barn tends to be. Some of the people down there have suggested NE of Atlanta, but they know nothing about Atlanta or the surrounding area, so it is very overwhelming for them.

Any and all advice welcome :)

Kali the Boston Terrier

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Jul 7, 2003
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Try Canton ,GA. There is a subdivision called Bridge Mill...close enough to counrtyside, all the amenties of city.
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