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The following are frequently asked questions about our appraiser web site service at http://AppraiserSites.com. Feel free to post a new thread in this forum if you have other questions or discussions about AppraiserSites.com:

What is AppraiserSites.com?
A. AppraiserSites.com is a website devoted to helping real estate appraisers to have an effective web site for their appraisal business.

Q. What are the costs to have a web site at AppraiserSites.com?
A. $20 per month, with discounts for prepayments (discounts=5% for 3 months, 10% for 6 months, 15% for 1 year). There are no extra charges to "set up" your account, although we do require the first 3 months hosting fees be paid prior to opening your account.

Does your prices service include Domain Registration?
No, the fees do not include Domain Registration. If you already have a domain name you can use it, or you can register a domain anywhere, including our domain registration site at http://AllDomainsUSA.com

What about the web site itself, how much do you charge to design a website?
A. There are no extra charges for the website. We have a choice of 2 different plans for appraiser websites, both are the same price ($20 per month).

Plan 1. Free Web Designs - These are 20 pre-made templates that include a main page, an order form, quote form, and contact form. This requires the least amount of work for the appraiser in that all you have to do is select your design and complete a short form with the text you want on your website.

Plan 2. SiteStudio, our Online SiteBuilder - There are about 80 pre-made templates with SiteStudio and you can have up to 20 pages of your choosing. SiteStudio allows far more flexibility in the choice of designs, types of pages, number of pages, and also gives you the ability to edit your site 24/7. If you can use a word processor you can built a site with SiteStudio. To try the free SiteStudio demo please go to:

To see a detailed comparison between the Free Web Design Templates and SiteStudio:

Q. How long does it take to get a website up?
A. Usually your site can be online with 24 hours (weekends and holidays excluded) of your registering a domain and completing our order form and complying with other instructions we may send you in an email.

Q. Can my customers order appraisals online with your websites?
A. Yes!

Who maintains my site?
A. With the Free Web Designs we make all changes for you. All you do is complete our support form on our site detailing the changes you want made. There is no extra charge for minor changes and corrections.

With SiteStudio you can log in and make your changes.

With either program you do not have to know anything about FTP, HTML, web servers or the like!

Q. Is email included?
A. Yes, you will get email to [email protected]! You can have multiple email accounts for your domain so the appraisers in your office can have their own email address. To add or delete email addresses simply complete the support form on our site.

Q. Do you have client-log in?
A. No, ours is not an appraisal management program where clients can log in and see the status of their appraisal. The purpose of our program is to give you a website to advertise your business, plus provide professional email service at your own domain name, and allow your clients to order appraisals at your site if you want them too.

Q. How do I get support at AppraiserSites.com? (web site changes, email changes, general help, etc)
A. Complete our online support form at: http://appraisersites.com/support.htm

Do you have contracts?
No, our service is month to month. You can cancel at anytime, however we do not give refunds for unused periods which you paid for. So before paying for a long time period (such as a year), make sure that you want to continue the service.

Q. How long have you been in business?
. We have been hosting web sites for appraisers since 1998. We started hosting them via our site at RWM.NET and later moved the hosting operation to AppraiserSites.com.

Q. Can I see some examples of appraiser web sites you host?
A. Yes, please go to: http://appraisersites.com/examples.htm

Q. How do I order your service?
A. Please use the order form at: http://appraisersites.com/order.htm
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