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AppraiserUSA.com FAQ

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Below are frequently asked questions about AppraiserUSA.com, our national real estate appraiser directory. If there are any questions or discussions about AppraiserUSA.com, please start a new thread in this forum.

Q. What is AppraiserUSA.com?
A. AppraiserUSA.com is a national real estate appraiser directory. It lists appraisers from all 50 states. The purpose of the directory is to allow users of appraisal services to find appraisers for the locations where they need appraisals.

What are the methods of searching for an appraiser at AppraiserUSA.com?
A. The easiest method is to input the zip code of the property into the Zip Code Search box. All appraisers who serve the county where that zip code is located will come up. Other searching method is by state, by counties within a state, and by cities within a state from the State pages that you get when clicking on a state within the USA map.

What about searching for FHA Appraisers?
A. We have a special page just for searching for FHA Appraisers, it is at:
Also the "advanced search page" linked from the main page and every state page has an option to search for just FHA Appraisers.

What about searching for Commercial Appraisers?
A. We have a special page just for searching for Commercial Appraisers, it is at:
That page has many advanced searching features to specify what type of commercial appraiser you may be looking for.

What about searching for Relocation Appraisers?
A. We have a special page just for searching for Relocation Appraisers, it is at:
Also the "advanced search page" linked from the main page and every state page has an option to search for just Relocation Appraisers.

Q. What about advanced searching methods?
A. This is where AppraiserUSA.com excells over most other appraiser directories. We have an "advanced search page" at http://appraiserusa.com/appr/advanced.htm (as well as an advanced search page on each state page). You can search for a specific appraiser, a specific appraisal firm name, an appraiser located in a specific city, or within a specific zip code.
The best thing about the advanced search is that you can search for an appraiser who specializes in certains types of properties or appraisals. For example you can search for Nursing Home appraisers or Golf course appraisers throughout the USA since those types of appraisers usually serve the entire country. We currently have 98 different appraisal specialties listed!

Q. How much does it cost to be listed at AppraiserUSA.com?
A. It is free!

Who can be listed at AppraiserUSA.com?
A. State licensed and certified real estate appraisers only. We do not accept trainee licenses, registered or associate licenses or their equivalent. You must be licensed by your state to complete appraisals on your own without a supervisor's signature. In addition we must be able to verity that your license is in the ASC National Database at http://www.ASC.gov

Q. There are several appraisers in my firm, can we each have a listing?
A. No. We allow one listing per firm, per state. Usually it would be the principal appraiser in a firm who would be listed, although it could be someone else designated by the principal. In any event they must meet our licensing requirements.

Q. I am in the Washington DC area and am licensed in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Can I have listings in all 3 areas?
Yes! If you are licensed in more than one state you can enter a listing for each state where you are licensed.

How do I add my listing?
First, make sure you aren't already listing. Click on your state on the USA map then click on "advanced search". Put your last name in the "appraiser's name" field and search. If you are already listed then skip to #2 below. If you are not listed, go to #1 below:

1. To sign up with AppraiserUSA.com go to http://appraiserusa.com and click on "appraiser listings" at the left of the screen. Then pick a user name and password and click the "register" button. Then fill out the form completely with your information and when done, click the "modify" button at the bottom to save your information. Wait until you get the "thank you" page before proceeding to make sure your your listing is completed.

2. If you are already listed then you may edit your listing if the information is not correct. Click on "edit existing listing" on the Appraiser Menu on the left of our main page. Then enter your user name and password and you will be able to edit your listing. If you have lost your password, enter your email address and it will be mailed to you. If your email address is out of date then there is a link where you can request your password.

Q. My listing is near the bottom, there are 45 appraisers in my county and I am #39. How do I get my listing closer to the top?
A. We sell "directory positions" which will cause your listing to come in the top 5 of the search results when a search for the county you have purchased is made. Please see this page for pricing and terms of directory positions:

Q. Does purchasing a top 5 directory positions work?
It works for many appraisers, please see some of the unsolicited testimonial emails we have received here:

Q. What if the directory position I want is already sold?
A. We will invoice you for the best available position for your county and you can then decide if you want to take them or not.

Q. If I get a top 5 directory position will I be able to keep it next year?
A. We send out renewal notices about 30 days prior to your directory positions expiring. As long as you pay the renewal before your positions expire you will be able to keep your current directory positions.

Q. I have a free listing. Sometimes it is at the top of the listings and sometimes at the bottom? Why is this?
A. In order to be fair we change the "sort order" for the free listings about every 2 or 3 weeks. We sort by many different criteria, not just the company name or the appraiser's name. So adding an "A" in front of your company name won't help you! In addition we "reverse sort" the directory just as often. (which means if you added an A in front of your company name it will cause it to be at the bottom of the list!)

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. AppraiserUSA.com has been operating since 1999.

Q. I had a listing once at AppraiserUSA.com but it is no longer there. What happened?
A. We remove listings for the following reasons:
1. If your email address is not valid (which means no one could contact you).
2. If other information is missing or incorrect.
3. If your license can not be verified at http://www.ASC.gov
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