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Appraising in Wisconsin

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Jun 20, 2007
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I am hoping to appeal to the kind hearts among you. I just got my reciprocal license for WI and need to get my online resources together. MLS, tax data, etc. websites that you folks prefer would be extremely helpful. I know business is slow and some of you will be looking at this as helping a competitor take money out of your pocket, but keep in mind, we were all new once and think about those that helped you. Thanks in advance for those who are willing to help and for those that feel the need, don't worry, flame away, I am not delicate.

Terrel L. Shields

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May 2, 2002
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. I just got my reciprocal license for WI
No flame. Just curious why would you do work in WI if you live in TN? And if you don't live in TN, why are you not licensed in WI? I guess I could reciprocate in Washington...but I've never been there.

PS - The local Board of Realtors can assist you in getting on the MLS.


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Jul 19, 2009
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Sure you want to do that? Winters are pretty harsh and long. Summers are nice but last about three weeks. We spend the holidays near Milwaukee with my in-laws; my wife is from that part of the country.

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