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Bosch Laser Rangefinder on sale

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Feb 18, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
I've had my Disto Leica for more than five years now. I will get another measuring device when it goes bad. The Bosch looks like a good deal. You can also get a Stanley lazer at Home Depot and Lowes for around $99. It is true lazer.

Jim Buckner

Sophomore Member
Dec 30, 2004
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Certified General Appraiser
I fell victim to an impulse buying urge at Lowe's today and bought the Bosch laser. However when I gave it a test run outside on my office I could not see the red dot if it as over about 20 feet away. I know my eyes are bad but it this a problem with Disto & others as well?

Randall Garrett

Senior Member
Mar 6, 2004
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IT Professional-Appraisal Related

I am not familiar with the particular model you mentioned, but FWIW most lasermeter users will advise that the only models they would purchase again have a built-in scope. Most find this element to be essential for measuring outdoors. With or without a scope, however, your technique(s) for measuring can help picking out the dot. For example, try aiming someplace close first and then move the dot to the point you want to measure to slowly, all the while following the dot with your eyes. At distances and in less than optimal viewing conditions (i.e. outdoors), it is easier to follow a dot than to discern it at distance. If you still can't see the dot, I recommend seeing if you can return it and look into a model with a scope. The most popular models are the Leica GeoSystems DISTO™ A5 (the A6 costs more, but has Bluetooth) and the Hilti PD-42. Stanley offers a model which is virtually identical to the A5 but I forget the model number (TLM 200?)... The Stanley models are actually made by Leica GeoSystems and most people find that purchasing their lasermeter from someone who actually knows how to use it (especially as an appraiser) - like lasermeters.com or appraiserdepot.com works out for them vs. buying it at Home Depot from someone who can't even spell "appraiser", much less know what you do or how to do it. Mostly, in places like Home Depot, it is tough to even find the lasermeters, LOL. Some folks will have a different opinion on this, so YMMV. This is just my 2¢ on this and I've been more intimately involved with the lasermeter thing than probably anyone here other than (say) Matt Johnson. Note, my company sells DISTO products, but I am NOT advocating you purchase one from me. As an ex-appraiser of many years, I am only mentioning this to establish more than casual credibility, LOL. I am sure others will post their opinions on the particular lasermeter to buy, but again, I say that MOST successful/efficient lasermeter users will advise to get one with a scope.

Hope this helps!

-Randall Garrett-
..Apex Software..

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