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California - What happened???

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Jan 13, 2002
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Retired Appraiser
This email provides a listing of appraisers against whom a State
appraiser regulatory agency has taken disciplinary action and a listing of
appraisers whose license or certification on the National Registry has
expired. Appraisers named on this listing are not eligible to perform
appraisals in connection with Federally related transactions unless and
until their credentials with the State have been reinstated. Information
in this listing is based on the most recent data submitted by the State
appraiser regulatory agencies.


ST License # Last Name First Name Action Effective Expiration
-- --------------- ---------- ---------- ----------- ----------
CA AG003099 Klofkorn Alan Suspended 10/04/2000 --

CA AL013147 Abrigo James Revoked 04/04/1997 --

CA AR008871 Adams James Revoked 12/26/1997 --

CA AR022862 Adams Richard Revoked 10/26/2000 --

CA AR018294 Anderson Stanley Revoked 04/17/1996 --

CA AR015338 Anguita Luis Revoked 11/06/1993 --

CA AL017580 Azevedo Larry Revoked 05/28/1998 --

CA AR016514 Balboa Maria Revoked 10/28/1997 --

CA AG015413 Bartlett Nellie Revoked 01/09/1998 --

CA AP012816 Bean Jeffrey Revoked 08/10/1993 --

CA AG025836 Besnyl Glenn Revoked 09/27/2000 --

CA AR018140 Brown Roger Revoked 09/02/1993 --

CA AR012810 Buzarde Greg Revoked 10/28/1999 --

CA AG007584 Camerer Shirley Revoked 08/08/2000 --

CA AP023930 Chapman James Revoked 10/06/1995 --

CA AR011967 Contreras Hector Revoked 08/20/1996 --

CA AL016284 Crosby Gregory Revoked 06/13/1996 --

CA AR022995 Culpepper Christian Revoked 11/12/1998 --

CA AR014525 Cummings David Revoked 05/09/1997 --

CA AR008412 Deeb Sameer Revoked 12/12/1996 --

CA AL027343 Del Rosari Edgardo Revoked 03/22/2001 --

CA AL016791 Deshawn Anthony Revoked 12/20/1995 --

CA AL010098 Dore Sandra Revoked 06/23/1997 --

CA AG002688 Dragan Michelle Revoked 02/09/1998 --

CA AR016728 Faber Mathew Revoked 08/19/1997 --

CA AL009457 Gallardo Jesus Revoked 10/14/1997 --

CA AG016566 Glover John Revoked 08/15/1997 --

CA AL015800 Gorski Craig Revoked 07/08/1996 --

CA AR005851 Hargett Leilani Revoked 05/07/2001 --

CA AR015350 Herbert Dennis Revoked 12/04/1997 --

CA AG021337 Herrera James Revoked 10/05/1995 --

CA AL009190 Hickoff Kahala Revoked 04/25/2002 --

CA AL014385 Hill Barry Revoked 09/03/1997 --

CA AR004854 Hill Walter Revoked 11/21/1997 --

CA AL008670 Hop R.J. Revoked 12/03/1997 --

CA AR009578 Joanides Nicholas Revoked 04/16/2001 --

CA AR014461 Johnson Jerome Revoked 08/25/1993 --

CA AG024580 Kamerling John Revoked 05/30/1996 --

CA AG007709 Kapke Kurtis Revoked 12/13/1995 --

CA AG006792 Kaufmann Linda Revoked 05/05/1997 --

CA AL012214 La Rosa John Revoked 07/08/1997 --

CA AL009810 Leslie James Revoked 08/20/1996 --

CA AL003209 Liuzzi Caren Revoked 12/26/1997 --

CA AL018484 Lowe Lynda Revoked 05/05/1997 --

CA AL019213 Martin Kenton Revoked 02/07/1997 --

CA AL024791 Martirosia Erich Revoked 10/13/1999 --

CA AR005885 Metcalf Kevin Revoked 01/05/1998 --

CA AR002851 Miller Richard Revoked 05/30/1996 --

CA AR009150 Moore Judy Revoked 10/04/1995 --

CA AG016217 Morris JoAnna Revoked 10/02/1997 --

CA AR009220 Muollo Frederick Revoked 10/10/2001 --

CA AL017507 Nhieu Paul Revoked 11/13/1997 --

CA AL017555 Oder William Revoked 10/02/1997 --

CA AR008955 Olagunju James Revoked 09/03/1997 --

CA AL008541 Olson Troy Revoked 12/30/1999 --

CA AG012327 Race Lorrita Revoked 10/28/1997 --

CA AR001982 Rich Harold Revoked 06/11/1997 --

CA AR018221 Rivara Luigino Revoked 01/31/2000 --

CA AP011335 Rivera Alfred Revoked 01/07/1994 --

CA AR023411 Rock Edward Revoked 10/26/2000 --

CA AL016070 Rodgers Steve Revoked 09/24/1997 --

CA AG004357 Rohde David Revoked 08/23/2001 --

CA AL014463 Rutherford Alan Revoked 10/04/1995 --

CA AL020379 Shows Christie Revoked 10/28/1997 --

CA AG001539 Smith Evon Revoked 09/03/1997 --

CA AG016045 Smith Kraig Revoked 08/14/1997 --

CA AR015127 Smith Robbie Revoked 07/11/2001 --

CA AR013822 Talley (ak Sarah Revoked 08/29/2000 --

CA AR015564 Taylor Pamela Revoked 10/21/1997 --

CA AR016264 Tran Son Revoked 07/23/2001 --

CA AG020119 Vermoch John Revoked 04/27/1998 --

CA AR012821 Vilotti Charles Revoked 02/28/2000 --

CA AP011492 Wallen Michael Revoked 03/10/1994 --

CA AL018347 Walther Howard Revoked 06/03/1997 --

CA AG006573 Wheeler Thomas Revoked 10/15/1998 --

CA AL014747 Williams Thomas Revoked 12/27/1999 --

CA AL021030 Wischmann Jason Revoked 05/05/1997 --

CA AL018231 Yeh Wei Jan Revoked 12/19/1997 --

CA AR020557 Bales Gregory Surrendered 05/05/2002 --

CA AG004596 Berry Jimmy Surrendered 08/23/2000 --

CA AR012399 Caldwell David Surrendered 05/17/2000 --

CA AR005780 Ceradsky Vickie Surrendered 01/03/1997 --

CA AL014028 Cohn Mervyn L. Surrendered 12/24/1998 --

CA AR017422 Compton Tara Surrendered 11/15/2000 --

CA AR003458 Cooper Grant Surrendered 10/15/1999 --

CA AG001746 Cull William Surrendered 02/24/1999 --

CA AR012265 Dixon Kenneth Surrendered 08/23/2000 --

CA AG015653 Elston Stephen Surrendered 07/06/2001 --

CA AR023677 Fung Jerry Surrendered 09/18/2002 --

CA AG009828 Hahn David Surrendered 07/26/1999 --

CA AR008399 Hood Ira Surrendered 05/15/2002 --

CA AR007105 Hooker Robert Surrendered 07/12/2000 --

CA AL012005 Kealing Christophe Surrendered 09/05/2000 --

CA AG003338 Koelsch Peter Surrendered 03/16/2000 --

CA AL025784 Landess Margaret Surrendered 05/22/2001 --

CA AR018407 Muller Alicia Surrendered 05/31/2002 --

CA AL027647 Nguyen Dan Surrendered 06/24/2001 --

CA AG006862 Norman Robert Surrendered 02/16/1999 --

CA AR018598 Orton Kevin Surrendered 12/07/2000 --

CA AR007444 Pardo Albert Surrendered 10/25/1999 --

CA AG009910 Reinke Randall Surrendered 12/26/2000 --

CA AR007411 Richmond Richard Surrendered 07/05/2001 --

CA AR012488 Shelton Richard Surrendered 06/15/2001 --

CA AG010257 Shen Michael Surrendered 02/15/2001 --

CA AR010229 Smith Brian Surrendered 07/01/2001 --

CA AG006762 Smith Daniel Surrendered 04/29/1999 --

CA AR017551 Stroud Maurice Surrendered 06/26/2001 --

CA AG003114 Swanson Scott Surrendered 06/16/2000 --

CA AR013547 Tafe Robert Surrendered 11/24/1998 --

CA AG001813 Teng Wayne Surrendered 09/29/1998 --

CA AL008087 Tonkin Donald Surrendered 12/06/1996 --

CA AR010330 Urauchi Paul Surrendered 05/26/1999 --

CA AL024574 Van Aken Lynn Surrendered 04/25/2000 --

CA AG001619 West Robert Surrendered 03/23/2000 --

CA AR012282 Zaragoza Hector Surrendered 02/05/2002 --

George Hatch

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Jan 15, 2002
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Certified General Appraiser
What happenned, you ask? 114 appraisers apparently didn't take their licenses seriously enough to do what they were supposed to do. Heck, 41 licenses have been revoked or surrendered since yr2000. The pace is picking up. This list doesn't include the licenses that the state declined to renew or who were fined so much and/or suspended for so long that they left the business. It is true that California has the most licensed appraisers by far. But compare our ratio (114 revocation/surrendered vs 11,000 appraisers) to some of the other states, like New York. Before someone goes off and suggests that the state board has a witch hunt mentality, I'd like to point out that based on thier summaries, the board appears to be somewhat lenient and only yanks the worst of the worst. Those who merely cross the line a little simply get fined. You should see how many appraisers have accepted settlement agreements, paid their fines and took extra education. There are probably 5+ times that number of public or private reprovals. There are also a number of unlicensed appraisers who were fined and/or turned over to their local District Attorney for criminal prosecution.

IMO, all the states should have enforcement programs that are comparable in scope and process.

George Hatch

Terrel L. Shields

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May 2, 2002
Professional Status
Certified General Appraiser
In some states (OK for instance) simply not paying your dues will earn you a place on the national register as "revoked" assuming you did not pay sometime within the 3 year licensing period...i.e.- you must pay all three years or otherwise surrender your license formally. One of my cohorts died mid-license and her license was "revoked." Simply to stop paying because, say, you retired or died, is not enough. I am curious how many of the above on that list are simply dead folks.

George Hatch

Elite Member
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Jan 15, 2002
Professional Status
Certified General Appraiser

There may be a some on the list who have passed, but California doesn't list non-renewers or late renewers as revoked. There's no regulation on the books that allow for it. California revokes for cause, and includes the regulations violated in their summaries.

Here's what a typical entry from their "Enforcement" section of the newsletter looks like:

John Doe
Anthill City

01/01/2002. Director adopted Administrative Law Judge's proposed decision revoking appraiser license. $4,000 Fine. Violations of USPAP S.R. 1 and 2 and the Conduct section of the Ethics Rule: misrepresentation of the subject properties' physical and locational characteristics, misrepresentation of the comparable sales used in five appraisal reports, gross overvaluation of five subject properties in "flip" transactions.

It is actually more common for licenses to be surrendered as a result of settlement agreements. One of those looks like this:

Jane Doe
Ratrace City

01/02/2002. Settlement Agreement, resigned license before Administrative Hearing, $3,000 fine and $4,890 in enforcement costs. Violations of USPAP S.R. 1 and 2, Conduct Section of the Ethics Rule: fraudulently misrepresented the physical descriptions of comparable sales and intentionally photographed properties that were not the comparables in the commission of an overvaluation; misrepresentation of key physical characteristics of the subject property; failure to analyse a current agreement of sale.

So you can see that these folks are getting worked because they are doing really bad things. These are not mere technicalities or professional differences in opinion, nor is it about the state not getting their renewal fees on time. The word 'misrepresentation' is used quite a bit. Now I'm sure that some people will start thinking that 'misrepresentation' is a word that can be easily abused. If so, I'm sure they bought into the argument "It depends on what 'is', is".

George Hatch

Tim The Enchanter

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Jan 24, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
I does seem like a long list, but out of 11,000 appraisers maybe not so long. From reading the OREA letters they occasionally send out, it appears that George is right about the worst of the worst.

Good riddance. :twisted:

Jo Ann Meyer Stratton

Elite Member
Jan 16, 2002
Professional Status
Certified Residential Appraiser
The list for Arizona appeared today, it goes back for six years, I think the ASC is reorganizing their computer programs. I found out last month they have me listed as being licensed in both Arizona and Florida! Turns out there is an appraiser in Florida with the name of Jo Ann Stratton that hadn't paid her dues for five years and is no longer active. When I renewed my Arizona registration this year, the ASC updated her information to mine! After discussions with both AZ and FL boards it turns out there has been some computer glitches in the ASC programs, which they are replacing. So all these listings are getting corrected. But what troubles me is realizing how few licenses have been revoked or suspended in a six year time periord. Shouldn't it be about 10 times more??
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