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Commercial Appraiser needed Orlando area

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Sep 30, 2006
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Sorry if this is in the wrong area but I'm not really looking for a job, just a CG that I can hang my license with, get some education and experience with, and hopefully eventually get my CG license. Just the basics about me:

22 year old who has a BSBA in Finance from UCF with an emphasis in advanced financial investments (derivatives, futures) and real estate valuation (real estate valuation & investment, real estate law, real estate appraisal). After this semester I will also have a BSBA in Accounting and plan on enrolling in UCF's Masters in Accounting program in the Summer.

I started residential appraisal in may/june 2005 and recently got my State Cert. Res. license in December 2007. Worked my butt off and got lots of experience until the market slowed down starting in December 2006.

Currently work full time for a major custodial bank handling investment accounts for a major broker dealer. I'll disclose where and what exactly, just would prefer not to over the internet.

I'm not looking for a job neccessarily, rather looking to spend some time with a knowledgeable mentor in the hopes of gaining some additional education and an additional certification rather then 'just' my residential license.

Therefore pay is certainly optional, and the time schedule is relatively flexible. I would hope to eventually optain my CG license but I'm not actively seeking to enter the appraisal field itself. I really really like the stability of the finance world that I find myself in currently, but I hope to operate my own financial advising firm in the not so distant future and is the reason why I pursued my Residential License, and am currently pursuing my CPA license. I figure the commerical appraisal license would certainly be beneficial in such a practice as well for business valuation purposes.

If anyone is interested in helping out a young professional just starting his career and who is looking for guidance please feel free to send me a private message. Thanks everybody for your time.

Rob Turner
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