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E-mailing Pictures

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Bill Gutman

Sophomore Member
Aug 25, 2003
If somebody e-mails me a picture is it possible to get it into my Wintotal program so I can use it in a report? If so, can somebody tell me how this is done. I'm not a computer person so provide details so even a dummy like me can get it right.

Secondly, I work in a small office and often times nobody is around to answer the office phone. As a result my cell phone is constantly ringing with clients having questions or needing small changes to a report. If I'm not in my office I have no way of viewing a report or making the necessary changes quickly and then re-submitting them to my clients. I have a lap top and have considered putting a copy of every report on my lap top so I have in a sense, a portable file cabinet. Does anybody else do this? If so does it work well or am I waisting my time?

sam strahan

Junior Member
Jan 17, 2003
Professional Status
Licensed Appraiser
i have done this before. best i can remember i saved the pic to a file. then i opend photos in my report. i chose file or something like that. typed in the filename and wammo there was my picture. try something like that.

Steve Forstner

Junior Member
Aug 18, 2003
Professional Status
Certified Residential Appraiser
Put your cursor over the picture. Right click with the mouse. Select "Save Picture As..."

At the top of the pop up screen, select the folder you would like the picture to be stored in. (It's best to select whichever one Wintotal looks at for the pictures you download from your camera.) At the bottom of the pop up screen, type in the name you want the picture called.

Then just go through Wintotal as usual.

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