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Filing complaints--question

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Bill Plunkett

Freshman Member
Aug 29, 2002
I made a vow three years ago not to let ANY bad appraisal (Defined as 25% over valued, made up comps, total fabricated amenities, etc. )go by without bringing it to the state board's attention. I tell the client in block 12 how and who they need to contact at the state to file a complaint if a review. If a situation like yours arises "we have an appraisal for zzz more than yours.) I always ask for a copy "To assist me in reevaluating our appraisal".

Why. Because it is absolutely MORALLY unthinkable how some of the reports we see are completed. I have no problem sleeping at night.

Nine appraisers turned in this year a total of 17 reports. Highlights:

Manufactured home appraised as modular all site built comparables- $50 swing in value! Homeowner had no idea Owner taking lender, appraiser, and sales person to court. Board fined appraiser $1,000 and no manufactured homes 24 months.

Home sever water damage (Stucco) engineer report $175,000 structural repairs needed. Sold at aution $200K-- Two Weeks later JERK appraised for $475,000 not mentioning previous sale or any deffered maintenance.
Lost license

Home appraised for $40K more than any previous sale in 15 year old S/D of 100+/- homes-- Went out of developement for all comps--All ages of comps doubled in report.. Ignored 29 sales last 12 months in developement- all MLS-TWO ACROSS STREET-ONE SAME FLOOR PLAN!!! Action pending.

Land home comparables used as only comparable properties in manufactured reports ignoring arms length sales same S/D 4 reports--Total fines $2,500- No manufactured home assignments two years, signed letter will give up license if found in violation.

etc, etc...

You and I can not compete with these type appraisers. Unethical appraisers can ruin this profession.

By choice this office of five complete approximately 300 reviews a year now.

Benefits!! Satisfaction, good standing with Board, Clients that respect our work and us. Yes, any report can be found lackin if one looks hard enough We don't do that. We applaude good work and state it when we see it.

That's our tune!!


Tater Salad

Jan 15, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Since my question, I have downloaded a copy of MO complaint form. It appears that any documentation is appreciated, but not necessarily required, and that the complaintant will be notified of the outcome.

It's a shame when we become fearful of the same regulators that are designed to assist us. But this is a situation where it is not a judgement call, but obvious fraud, so I don't see how any "old boys" could twist my intentions (famous last words?)

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just do what's right? I love my job, but sometimes I just get worn out from fighting. Simple concept: view the property, research the market, report conclusions. Where did it get so ugly :(


Jan 16, 2002

Do not wait for the homeowner- turn the guy in yourself. And turn him to both IL and MO. He is either licensed in both states or was working under a temporary permit. Either way, he is regulated.

When you make the complaint, cite the USPAP violations. The opinion of value is really secondary as no state will be able to simply say- he's wrong and you are right. There must be a legal basis to proceed and in this case, it is a USPAP violation.

By the way, you do not need to supply your appraisal. All you need do is to outline the false statements in the other report. The state investigators can have a field day with it.

And for some of you who remembered a prior string on STD-3, this is one of those cases where a STD-3 review may not be needed at all. A simple answer to the question, "Did the appraiser fabricate data about the subject or comps?" may well suffice. Seems pretty clear based upon your posts.

Brad Ellis, IFA, RAA
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