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Friday's tip - Forum Navigation

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Jan 4, 2002
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Today's tip is about navigating from one section of the forum to another.

After you click on a forum and read some topics it may be a little confusing at first on how to get back to the main forum index or one of the forums.

However it is very easy.

At the top and bottom of topics you have read you will see some links such as:

AppraisersForum.com Forum Index -> Help with New Forum Software

That tells you where you currently are. In this example you are in the "Help with New Forum Software" forum. You may click the " Help with New Forum Software" link and go back to the index page for that forum, OR you may click the "AppraisersForum.com Forum Index" and go back to the main index page that lists all the forums!

In addition there is a "drop down" box at the bottom of each page (other than the main index page) that is labeled "jump to". You can select any forum and go directly there from this box. You do not have to go back to the main index each time to choose another forum.

Hope this helps with your forum navigation!

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