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Getting Logged Out

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Jan 4, 2002
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If you are being "logged out" after logging in when you click a link, or try to post or do something else, please try the steps below.

The "logged out" problem is on your system, not our forum. Something is deleting your cookie on your computer that our forum software uses to "remember you" and keep you logged in. So if you go from one page to another and all of a sudden the cookie is gone our system will not know you and you will be logged out.

Potential causes:

1. BROWSER SETTINGS. Some people have software or browser settings that deletes cookies, or doesn't allow full use of cookies. If you do this you will experience the "logged out" problem. If you browse in "incognito mode" or "private browsing" or whatever your browser calls it, it will log you out. For example I just opened a new forum window in Chrome. I then pressed Cntrl-Shift-N for Incognito mode and clicked on my forum link. I was immediately logged out.

2. CLEANER PROGRAMS. Some some people use "cleaner" programs that periodically clean up cookies and the like. Of course when you delete the appraisersforum.com cookie, it can't remember you and you will be "logged out". You MUST allow cookies from appraisersforum.com or you will always have this problem!

3. INACTIVITY. Some people leave a forum window open for several hours at a time and then come back to it. There is a TIME LIMIT that you can stay logged in without ANY ACTIVITY. So this could be a problem also. Again, this is not something we are doing, it is behavior particular to the user.

So FIRST, make sure that you aren't doing any of 1, 2, or 3 above, THEN:

1. Go ahead and log out of the forum. The log out link is at the bottom when your click your user name on the menu bar at the top right.

2. Then clear your browser cache completey AND any cookies for appraisersforum.com.

3. Then click this link and log back in (not any link you have bookmarked, the link below):


Make sure you check "stay logged in" unless you are using a shared computer.

4. Then delete any old bookmarks you had for appraisersforum.com and bookmark the link above and use it every time you come to our site.

THEN, if you still have the problem, try your browser with the default settings and all add ons, plugins, or extensions disabled. If you do not experience the problem then you will know that it was something you had changed or installed on the browser that caused the problem. You can add them back one by one until you discover the culprit.

THEN, if you still have the problem, try a different browser! If it does not happen with a different browser then you will know the problem is with your original browser settings or add ons.

THEN, if you still have the problem, examine what software you might have on your computer that cleans or alters cookies. Things like security software, adware cleaners, virus cleaners, system cleanup, etc. almost all have a settings where they will clean cookies. While they do not come with these enabled by default, some people are over zealous with settings and enable things without knowing what they do.

After that there are a couple of other possibilities but they are remote and have to do with your ISP and are beyond your control and mine.
Not open for further replies.
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