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Glad to be an American!

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Jan 15, 2002
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This forum (or sub-forum) is "Improving the Profession/Political Action".
It struck me today that we are lucky to be able to complain, gripe, ===== and moan about pretty much anything we want. As citizens of the USA we are able to lambast our politicians, state boardsand government agencies as loudly as we wish. I am sure there are many countries where this is not allowed. Some countries have no need for appraisers...since the government owns all of the property.

I hope I can remember that MY idesa, thoughts and suggestions are just a small sample of what many others think. I truly am not discouraged when my efforts fail. Many times my personal desires are not the best answer. Somone else may have a BETTER idea. The primary thing that does discourage me it that too few will express opinions and seek the changes that they want. It does not bother me at all when others disagree with me...as long as they are making their opinions known to the powers that be.

The appraisal business is a small deal in the big picture of our life, but it is very important for those of us that feed our families and choose this profession to make an honest living. On this July 4th, I thank GOD for the privilage of living in the USA and being able to openly seek changes.

Exercise YOUR RIGHT to contact your legislators and state boards about improving your chosen profession. If you are pleased with how things are...let them know. In either case be aware that brave men have died to give you that right.

Not open for further replies.
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