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Got a doozy on my desk

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Lobo Fan

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Nov 28, 2004
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New Mexico
Got a request for a field review las night. Printed it, started pulling the MLS sheets, and noticed the MLS numbers were from last year. I thought it a bit odd, as it is for a condo in a large project (Vista del Norte off Osuma) for the locals.

It looks like they needed a value of $171,000. The problem is that prices have been trending downward. Plenty of recent comps from $155-$165K and from June. Plus the person's 4th comp was a small site built house.

No name on the report I am reviewing. But I am dearly tempted to turn this one in. Also, I don't understand what they were thinking. They had to know that this was going to get reviewed. These days, anything outside the margins at all get reviewed.

I have not completed a full colonoscopy yet, but I am dying to find a tidbit in an addendum somewhere explaining why comps from 09/07 are more relevant than comps from June of 08.

Somedays I just want to weep for my profession.

Ray Miller

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Feb 20, 2002
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Watch your back side, someone might broadside you for posting about a review you have not fully reviewed yet.

What were those words that I was call in my posting???


Or could there have been other reasons why I was broadsided???

"Somedays I just want to weep for my profession."
Somedays I give it very little hope.​
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