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Governor Markell - We are Unemployed

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Charlotte Dixon

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Jan 16, 2002
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The Delaware Division of Professional Regulation is a joke! Many appraisers paying their licensing fee, anytime after October 20th have not received their licenses, and there is no updating on the ASC site. Governor Markell....be sure to count these appraisers in your stats when reporting the UNEMPLOYED. This fat, over-burdened bureaucracy can't do their job. Because one person is out on maternity leave, updating to the ASC site only occurs twice/month. Talk about a waste of taxpayers money! We pay, and pay, and pay, as appraisers, and demands are many! If I were to pay my licensing fee on October 29th, I expect someone within the Division of Professional Regulation to log in to the ASC website, and report to them that I have paid and am legal to perform appraisals. Sorry, I expect that! And, what's so difficult about putting a license in the mail? Why does it take 2 weeks? What the heck are we paying all these state workers for? It comes down to fat cats sitting in secure positions, happily saying.....'well, you should have paid earlier' or 'well, we're backed up'. If you can't get the job done, Delaware Division of Professional Regulation, move over and let someone else do the job, or better yet, take it out of the hands of government. I've had enough of the bogged down government regulations and laziness. All this talk about UNEMPLOYMENT in Delaware falls on deaf ears when the State can't sensibly sort out tiny little problems such as this. The Delaware Division of Professional Regulation is doing nothing to ensure that we keep working. Rant over. :new_2gunsfiring_v1:
Not open for further replies.
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