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How To Fill Out A Disaster Inspection Report

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Jul 16, 2010
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I am new to this type of form and have searched on the forum/internet but nothing specific to my question can be answered. I saw older forms of CDAIR and asked a few of my peers but no one can find a copy they did about 7 years ago.
In the First Section "the nature of the damage to the subject"

Will "There was no noticeable damage to the subject as of an inspection performed from
the street. " be sufficient?

There is 2 photo boxes which I assume is for street and front photo? (there was no damage)

And last "comments on neighborhood condition"
Will "An inspection of the neighborhood as conducted from the street showed no signs of damage from the recent October 2017 Canyon Fire 2 Orange County fires. There were no evidence of limb/tree clean up, roof repair or other signs that are typically visible after an area has been affected by this type of disaster." work?

I put in 3 year certification comment and location map.

thank you in advance.


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Nov 9, 2011
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Are you using the Form CDAIR from 10/2005?

Your comments don't sound bad, but it depends on the SOW from your client. What are they asking? I did a bunch (about 15-18?) recently after hurricane Irma. Some requested interior/exterior, others just exterior


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May 16, 2005
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Since this is not an appraisal or appraisal review report, the 3-year prior disclosure is not a USPAP requirement in the document (it needs to be made to the client prior to acceptance of the assignment if the appraiser did perform any services, etc., etc.); although not required, I would tend to make the disclosure anyway.

As to your responses, I agree with Bnmappraisal; your comments sound sufficient to me to convey that there is no damage visible at the subject's site from the street and nothing was seen driving around the immediate neighborhood. A specific client might require more.

I think in regard to a large fire, a street observation is sufficient to confirm what the client wants to know.
For an event like flooding, damage might not be easily identified from the street.

If it were me, I'd contact the local fire department and ask them if they have a map/data regarding the affected areas. If they did, I'd add that into the report.

Good luck!
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