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Lender/Realtor/AMC/Borrower pressure, coercion or extortion

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Apr 23, 2002
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From time to time, I like to tell different individuals about some of the instances where appraisers are threatened with everthing from withholding payment or future work to bodily harm for not hitting the value needed. I would like to see a single thread where appraisers can tell their stories and we can all direct different people to the site. If you are willing to share your stories, I plan to direct different individuals to the site so they can read first hand. I don't know if it will do any good but it will certainly be interesting reading. Use your own discretion about naming names but I would like some non appraisers to read these stories. As best we can, please try to keep this thread for the stories only so future readers are not distracted by our comments. I have several in mind of my own but want to give them more thought before I post.

Bill Plunkett

Freshman Member
Aug 29, 2002
You mean like twice in the last two weeks an Ameriquestt rep has told two different people in this office "Make it as high as you can because I make more money the higher you appraise it!!! ":!: :!:

We should care?

Bill of SC
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