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Lender Survey

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May 28, 2002
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I am considering preparing a satisfaction survey to send to my clients. The purpose is twofold: 1.)It will enable me to gain insight into what lenders really want and expect versus what I think they want and expect. 2.) It will put my name on the desk of those clients for which I am not the primary appraiser. I intend to ask such questions about the quality and efficiency of my business as well as requesting suggestions for better service. I will be including a self adressed stamped envelope for the reply.

My questions for everyone are:
1.) Has anyone done this before? What were the results/responses?
2.) Does anyone have any suggestions on additional topics to cover?


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Jan 21, 2002
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I have been pondering doing something similar. Both a survey for the borrower & or the mortgage agent - but both have their problems.

My concept is to leave a small brochere that has a review form on it & place for comments with the home owner, along with a reciept & offer of a small discount for ordering the next appraisal from our company (since we'll already have a drawing). I'd like to see what you work up.

In addition, actually talking to lenders I have also considered that. I believe that you would learn alot, but I would go to lenders that really may never use you where you would really interview them from a different angle. I believe that would really help you especially if you approached it with no intent of getting business (although you would), the intent is to learn not market - otherwise you'll come off like a marketer / salesman.

Neither has been possible since we've been so busy for almost 2 years, but perhaps 2003 hold some spare time in for us :lol:

Leon Stewart

Jan 15, 2002
You shouldn't expect an honest response from something like this. A LO would not put himself/herself on the spot like that. LO expect the same mostly everywhere. If it a Mortgage Broker he has to have his number or he can't process the deal. In recent years this has also been true for many "A" Paper Lenders as well. Plus the fact that many of these LO's have a personal preference, and sometimes there are "Kickbacks", Gifts, and Wining and Dining involved. Keep one thing in mind, this System is Corrupt to the Core, but no one will tell you that.

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