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LO & UW want current sales

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Les Brant

Freshman Member
Jan 22, 2002
Did a DW on permanent foundation in December. Just now coming to close, BUT, according to LO, UW wants more and current comps. This is the same one that didn't think the comps I used were sales because in the history section I reported "No Sales" for each of them. Being a nice guy, I FAXed an addendum with three more sales listed. All out of the market area and many miles and dollars apart. I indicated that these were for ongoing sales information only and were not inspected or considered in the report. (The only useable sales in the subjects market area were over 1 year old, with time adjustments) He comes back with, "It has to be part of the report with pictures and all". So call me when you want this done and enclose a check. (It was COD).

Les in Cold Coastal (N) Carolina

Mountain Man

Elite Member
Jan 15, 2002
Professional Status
Certified General Appraiser
Les, life is too short to have some as a client. I would charge another full fee for any additional info. If they did not like that idea, I would just smile and say, in a nice but stern voice, get the report reviewed or get another appraiser. 8)

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