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Main Bathroom in Basement

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Jan 31, 2002
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I have a FHA with the only bathroom in the basement of a ranch style dwelling. I think at one time they lived in the bsmnt then added the first floor. This is NOT normal for the area, I realize there is functional obsolescence, I also know I will never find a comp with a bsmnt bath. Is this a deal killer for FHA?




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Apr 23, 2002
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If the basement is a dugout type and in no way can the SF be included in the GLA, i.e. daylight basement, then it should certainly be a deal killer. It means there is no bath included within the GLA. No bath, no house or so it seems to me. A good number to keep handy is for REAC, 1.888.245.4860.

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Jan 14, 2002
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NO in my opnion it need not be a deal killer.

Think of it this way, although bedrooms have to have fire egress, I do not recall hearing/seeing anything which stated a bathroom had to have egress capability: although ventelation is required.

Otherwise all baths with the standard 'tub against outside wall fiberglass surround' would fail FHA!

Now : having said that, it depends!! I reccomend that you call or BETTER YET write :p HUD using today's offering from the HUDclips newsletter:

all real estate professionals-

A frequent question we get at HUD is: How do i contact my homeownership center and ask technical questions?

Answer: You can find a directory of states that are serviced by HUD's
homeownership centers (HOC) on the web at:

When you click on the state of your choice, you will link to the HOC that
serves that state. HUD has four HOCs. They are located in Atlanta, GA.,
Denver, CO., Philadelphia, PA., and Santa Ana, CA. They all serve multiple
states. To obtain FHA Single Family (1-4 units) technical guidance, please
see the email links by topic on each HOC home page. (see above link) By
using these links, your email question is automatically routed to the HOC that serves you. Also see the toll free telephone numbers and addresses for each HOC.

Please use these resources to obtain technical support and guidance on all
your FHA Single Family (1-4 units) lending, appraisal, inspection and other
related program needs.

(bold and italics my added emphasis.... )

Salient point: when requesting information by e-mail you get it BACK IN WRITING from the horses mouth, which you can then tuck into your file with assurance that SOMEBODY besides you is now on the hook for the results!!! :twisted: May I reccomend phrasing your question succinctly but very very carefully!?!?!
:roll: -------------

Explaining the situation and developing a functional adjustment (if warrented in your market) is going to be a headache. 8O Good Luck!

There are some few remaining homes in this area which were built below grade in hopes that the owners could someday afford to build a main floor... those homes had ALL living are below grade, some with appropriate egress, some not. Rumor hath it that at least two of those homes closed FHA at some point in the past. Properly I do NOT know :wink:
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