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Malicious Spirits & Router problems

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Aug 14, 2007
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This is a heads-up in the event somewhere down the line you experience same problem.

For three days I was unable to get to AF.
I could get to any other page on the www, but not AF.
Ridiculous. m2:

Checked with my ISP, no problems with AF site.
Checked my computer, no apparent problems.
No virus, or malware, found. .....NADA.

Researched on the www…
Some people reporting very same thing,
for various websites, each time one of their favorites.
Some insidious force that keeps people from going to their fav sites?
Maybe so….. and, pages I saw showed no resolution/solution.

Finally, got a hint from someone, and took my router
out of the loop, went from computer to modem – direct.
Bingo… ! All problems gone.

I ordered a new router, but, after ordering, decided to try
“re-flashing” my router with recent “firmware” from router
manufacturer (3com in my case)

The re-flashing worked, and I’m able to reach AF, and still have wireless connectivity for laptop. :clapping:

Here’s a link about “firmware”:
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Jan 4, 2002
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Thanks for your post. Moving to Forum Help. Maybe this will solve someone else's problem also.
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