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MLS data banks

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Jan 24, 2002
Hi, Everyone,

I live in bay area, California and would like to know where is the best (lowest cost) place (website) to subscribe MLS data that covers Santa Clara, Alameda, San Mateo and San Francisco counties? Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Raymond 1-26-02.


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Jan 20, 2002
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I wonder if Ann O'Rourke can help you. Her website has a lot of great info at www.AppraisalToday.com. She is in Alameda County.


Mike Garrett RAA

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Jan 14, 2002
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Generally there is no cheap or inexpensive source of MLS data! You must join the Board of REALTORS® as either a full or affiliated member to gain access to data. If you are working in an area with multiple boards, you will need to find the one has the least dues and full recriprocity with the other boards. I wish you well.
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