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Multiple Regression Software

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Jan 16, 2002
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Certified General Appraiser
Looking for Multiple Regression Software written for Real Estate Appraisals

I am so far aware of RealStat, Dragonfly and EZFit and the Internet connection for E-ppraisal. I am aware of some templates using EXcel.

Any others out there?

In general, I find few appraisers have the statistical background or understanding necessary to perform or support MRA.

That one day courses are largely not an effective way to become familiar with MRA much less use it in a practice. Furthermore, beyond all the cautions found in AO-18, appraisers for the most part in court testimony could not explain in any convincing detail the basic function and workings of a MRA.

Any views would be appreciated.. :idea: If you use MRA, how did you learn to use it? :?: :?:


Brian J. Davis

Freshman Member
Jan 22, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Hi Doug -

Try http://www.ncss.com/ NCSS is a full fledged STATS package WITH an "Appraisal" module included. You can download the FREE Demo package and play with it.

You're correct, these one-day seminars, put on by the appraisal education vendors are worthless for an appraiser that's trying to gain a WORKING "practical" knowledge of regression and automated valuation models.

The Assessors truly have the "body of knowledge" when it comes to education in automated valuation. Check out course offerings from the IAAO http://www.iaao.org/

They have a one week "hands on" course that uses NCSS. Each student is given "data" from Cleveland, Ohio and throught the week they learn how to build a value predicting model. Each student works from their own computer in a "Lab" setting.

It's BEST if you've taken pre-requisites!!

Brian J. Davis, SRA


Senior Member
Jan 15, 2002
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Certified General Appraiser
For years I have wanted a simple multi regression package.

About 15 years ago, McKissick had one, I got it-BUT there were not enough sales in our City to ""develop" a model .(high interest rates)

It was DOS based and you could use your sales data and/or type in additional data.

Their DragonFly appears to do the same-If anyone has used it please tell us about it.
In addition, an Appaiser (Mr. Gene Dilmore in Alabama) did a lot of work on MRA but I have nor read anything from him in several years.

Also, the IAAO has done a lot of work on MRA and acccording to one of the posts have a course. If anyone has info on it pleas post.

I enrolled in a College course than had only two paragraphs on MR so am not capable to use it but would like to. Respectfully-ed in arkansas
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