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Other Professionals Have Problems W/ Clients, Too

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Terrel L. Shields

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May 2, 2002
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My CPA cousin does my taxes and I went by today just as he was trying to get off the phone from a "client". Seems the guy wants to know when his taxes will be done. It went something like this. You can guess the other guy's responses.

"Problem is, I am not going to do your taxes. You didn't pay me for last years return. So if you need the paperwork in here you best come pick up your packet [seems the guy had mailed this to him and it has arrived only minutes before the phone call] and get it to whoever your tax man will be"


"I don't give a %$#@ if the check is in the package, I just said I AIN'T DOING YOUR TAXES. Do you want this package back or not, because I'm not spending $2 to MAIL IT BACK!!"

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