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Real Estate Trends

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Terry Russell

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Feb 24, 2002
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Came across this data,

The reports come out in July and January, so this is the tail end of the 1st six months of 2002

Survey of Real Estate Trends An Assessment by Senior Examiners and Asset Managers at Federal Bank and Thrift Regulatory Agencies


National Highlights

The Survey of Real Estate Trends summarizes the opinions of 252 senior examiners and asset managers at federal bank and thrift regulatory agencies on changes in the conditions of local real estate markets. This Survey covers conditions over the six-month period from
January to June 2002 for single-family, multifamily, office, retail, and industrial property markets
in metropolitan areas across the nation.

Respondents to the July 2002 survey continued to observe deterioration in the nation’s real estate markets during the first half of 2002, although the rate of deterioration was slower than in the last half of 2001.
The results indicate that reports of worsening real estate conditions (as characterized by
higher vacancy rates, lower market prices, or a slower pace of sales) nonetheless continued
to predominate.
n Improvements in current conditions were observed in the single-family sector, where
respondents cited higher sales volumes and home sale prices than six months ago.
n Reports of market imbalance skewed strongly towards oversupply in the commercial
markets, while reports of tight conditions continued in residential markets.
n Weakness in local office markets continued to be widespread according to the vast
majority of respondents. Sixty-five percent reported worsening office market conditions,
but a majority reported a decrease in speculative office construction, in apparent
response to diminished demand in many U.S. markets.

This is the link to the rest of the report.

Not open for further replies.
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