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registry keys

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Dec 13, 2007
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New Jersey
Hi folks,
Facing a curious situation here, some users of ACI run fine without local admin access to their workstations. Another user seems to need admin to "do testing" -- can't get further clarification than that.. sorry. My gut instinct is that ACI just needs Read/Write to certain reg keys to make things work. Does anyone know what they are? My goal would be to allow this user permissions to the Reg keys, but not give her local admin. She gets and error:Error ACIEUL32.DLL, Unable to write to registry (10). Any help is greatly appreciated. I did a search on reg keys on this forum and didn't come up with anything, and I tried contacting ACI support, but haven't gotten any word back so figured I'd try here. Thanks in advance!
Mark :new_borgsmile:

Andrew of ACI Support

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Feb 20, 2007
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IT Professional-Appraisal Related
Hi Mark,

Try this: Log in as Admin, make sure the software is installed and registered, create/save/close a new file, and then log off and log back in as the less-than-admin user. That will often allow low-priv accounts to use the ACI that is installed. If this is Vista, it would change everything, but I would still troubleshoot with you until we get it set up. Either send me a private message via this forum or call me at 800-274-8727.

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