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Feb 28, 2008
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I have 2 appraisals- I own a lakefront home with 65ft of frontage. One appraisal mentions the frontage under "site" and deducts large amounts when comparing with homes with say 100ft of frontage and adding if the comp. has 35ft of frontage. My other appraisal does not mention the fact that it is lakefront at all and does not metion it about my comps. So this deduction of value or addition of value from my comps does not come into play. The one that does not mention the frontage has a higher appraisal ($20,000) difference. Because my house actually has smaller frontage then alot of the homes in the area- I think this is what negatively affects my other appraisal. Which one is more accurate?


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Jan 16, 2002
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This is a nationwide forum for appraisers. There is absolutely no way an appraiser can answer your questions without first knowing the market area and the properties involved.

Without knowing your market, the circumstances of each sale, the view of each sale, the site size, lake frontage, square footage, year built, condition of each property, and quality of building materials it's impossible to guess.

You might hire an appraiser to review the two appraisals, or do a third appraisal.
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