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Spot Zoning?

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Bobby Bucks

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Jan 27, 2002
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North Dakota
Jack it appears you have quite an assignment on your hands. First of all, be careful not to confuse
spot zoning with a variance if you’re making comments on the subject....2 different animals
entirely. I think it was wise of you to demand the lender change the assignment from an exterior
inspection to an interior. How could you state the property was currently being used as a fitness
center by day and a brothel by night? Some underwriter might assume you knew this by previous
patronage....be careful what you say. I would also attach any documents from public records
showing current zoning and classifications. Get the zoning office to fax you THEIR documents
and attach these as well. Also include several exterior pictures, all sides, not just front and rear. I
would most definitely include the signs. Let the underwriters wince and sort it out. And finally, as
far as I know, brothels have not been legal in Dallas County for over 70 years have they? You
might want to get some input from someone in Nevada where they have “real time” data on this
type of property. Good luck.
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