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The Solution

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Jan 16, 2002
Ok folks here's the answer to our problems:

1). At the time a mortage application is made, the buyer provides the
lender with an appraisal done by a federal licensed and certified appraiser (no other type of "appraiser" is acceptable - no brokers, no re agents, whatever).

Buyer says here's the property I want to buy, and this is the value. Period the end. The seller may want their own appraisal, but that's all worked out PRIOR to the contract signing. Both parties can use their own appraisals to negotiate the deal. In fact, a contract of sale cannot be signed until an appraisal is completed.

2). Lender has NOTHING to say or do with the appraisal. It is automatically a document in the loan package. In fact, the lender isn't even allowed to speak to the appraiser. There are no more UW's, LO's, AMC's, etc.

3). Provide a mandatory prison sentence for buyers, sellers, brokers, re agents, and appraisers if a fraudulent appraisal report is done, in fact, it's
aganist the law to pressure and/or interfer with an appraiser.

4). Dismantle FIRREA, the Appraisal Foundation, and all current appraisal organizations, plus all fed/state regs that apply to appraisals. Create one single national association of appraisers - (mandatory membership required, with low membership dues). Let's call it AAREA - American Association of Real Estate Appraisers (no other type of appraisers allowed). All members operate under one code of ethics. There is no such thing as USPAP. Since the license is now federal, all the states are eliminated from the process and all state boards are disolved. The requirements to get a license are increased, and there is no such thing as CE courses.

Yea, I know....dream on. Wouldn't it be great though, no more AMCs, UW's, LO's, useless CE courses, fly by night schools, pressure to make the deal, state boards, sleeze appraisers, etc. Just doing our job without any interference, what a concept -not to mention all the business this would generate, and tax dollars saved. The unemployment rate would jump, but I'm sure most people eliminated could get jobs as used car salespersons, especially the LO's.

Farm Gal

Elite Member
Jan 14, 2002
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Breath deep Joe....

Uummm may I inquire:

and you were going to police this new better version ... HOW :?: :roll:

:p :p :wink:

Ben Vukicevich SRA

Senior Member
Feb 9, 2002
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Certified General Appraiser
New Jersey
Ranting Joe,,

You're describing part of the happy appraisal times before FIRREA and licensing. I miss those days.

Do you remember when the borrower or the real estate broker were never entitled to a copy of the appraisal? It was a secret document that no one saw or dare QUESTION. No pressure. We just did our jobs and that was it.



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Jan 20, 2002
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Sure you can......what's one more law on the books that isn't enforced.....
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