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The success of a portfolio?

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Jacob Scott

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Oct 2, 2002
Hello everybody, I am a brand new appraiser who just passed the 90hour course. I am sending off for my registration number this week. My question is in regards to soliciting and marketing myself using a portfolio. How effective is providing a portfolio to lenders with pricing info and a cover letter enclosed? Is there other relevent info needed in the portfolio? If someone can provide a sample portfolio, it will be much appreciated. Thank you.

George Hatch

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Jan 15, 2002
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There are a couple threads on this down below. In addition, I recommend you go throught the entire thread entitled "Remember When..."

George Hatch

Travis McGee

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Sep 18, 2004

Here in Nevada, you can't even join the MLS, unless you're a licensed/certified appraiser. You need a mentor. Not only for the service but to learn. I've been with my supervisor, while still hanging on to my day job, for about 5 months. I took the required 90 hrs just to qualify for the intern license. I believe it's 2500 hrs and 2 yrs interning/learning with a supervisor to qualify to take the state test. I wish it was as easy as to come out of the required school hours and go to work as an appraiser. It's just not realistic, at least in this state.

Good luck,


Tater Salad

Jan 15, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Most of our clients were obtained by dropping off a portfolio and talking to anybody that would listen.

The thing that stuck out in people's minds was that we used glossy blue portfolios. On second solicitations, people would say, "oh, yeah, you dropped off the shiney blue packet." Even if they didn't call us the first time

Simple, but I think anything that makes you stand out is good.

The moral of the story is solicit and keep going back.

And once you get your foot in the door, keep yourself in front of them. We hand deliver our reports and stick around and chat. We have been told that the other appraisers around here don't do that, and that's why they use us. We're friendly. I know their kids names and what they like to do in their free time. Remember, if you are going after mortgage business, these people are sales people and appreciate someone good at sales. I'm new to the business compared to most, but am doing well without being a number hitter. Personality and perseverence go a long way in any business endeavor. Good luck! :)
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