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This Week's Marketing Tip - Embrace Email Marketing

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Scott Cole

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Sep 26, 2016
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Certified General Appraiser
If you want to grow your business and keep the clients you have, it is critical that you "keep in touch" with them regularly.

Producing a quality newsletter that you send out monthly is one way to be sure that you are consistently in front of your clients and prospects so that when they are in need of appraisal services, you'll be among the first they call.

I've noted that some appraisers are resistant to this idea...what could an appraiser possibly write that would interest anyone?

Keep in mind who you are marketing to...it may not always be a direct client or prospect, but someone who has the ability to refer you to a prospect....realtors come to mind.

Become the go to expert in a particular property type or location, and produce information regarding that niche on a regular basis. Send this out to your regular clients and then to other professionals you've met through your other networking activities. If you've obtained a business card, put them on your email list.

In addition to your real estate related information, consider adding some community news that may be of interest to many of your readers, such as a charity event.

Get creative with your newsletter and your clients will look forward to receiving it. You can easily set up email campaigns and find cool newsletter templates at such places as Constant Contact and Aweber.

Learn to do this well, and it will benefit your business.

Terrel L. Shields

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May 2, 2002
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If you place an on line blog on your website, then Google recognizes updated information and it keeps your site up higher. So post weekly or at least monthly. Keep it below 300 words and people will read it, too.
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