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Two New Issues, One Very Old One And A Wish

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Nov 2, 2006
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Old Issue: This is minor, but is an annoying issue that has existed for over 10 years, through many computers and many versions. Every so often, when I fill out a field (almost always in the grid), the first character is misrepresented, usually as an "e" or "t". While it usually replaces a numeral as it is often while filling out a street address that it happens, but also happens when typing in a "=" to copy across the grid. In any case, it is only the first character in a field that is ever effected and it is usually limited to the grid. I have asked about this several times in the last 10 years, sometimes even having it acknowledged by ACI as being an existing issue, but never being seriously addressed. Does anyone else have this and does ACI presently acknowledge its existence?

Newer issue: Ever since Adobe updated their PDF reader and writer, I have regularly run into an "error 30" code that from then on does not allow me to print from ACI or create a PDF. In order to then continue, it seems that I need to totally restart my computer. After calling ACI for help they admitted that ACI does not play well with the new version of PDF and was working on it. My question is; how's this project going, ACI? and second, Does anyone know of a method to fix things short of rebooting?

Finally, in a line of question/wish lists: When I first read through the Sky Delivery program, it appeared that it allowed editing of the report in one of the final windows in order to correct it. It was soon apparent that either this ability had not been finished yet, that I was not using it correctly but it appears that neither is true. Is there any possibility that editing will be made possible in Sky (or am I just missing the secret button that allows it?)
Secondly, does there exist or has anyone at ACI ever tried to make an editable report checker? In my personal appraiser's world, a very useful tool would be a pared down PAR logic rules checker with the ability of the user to create their own parameters or tweak existing ones. With all the report checkers already existing, for all I know maybe one already exists, but I have yet to find it.
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