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USDA/Rural Development inspection form??

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Jeff Horton

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Jan 15, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
I have been doing USDA appraisals for a while. I have always used my own inspection form I made. I found one somewhere on line (USDA site I think?) and altered it to suit my needs.

I looked over the VC sheet for FHA and this got me to wondering what the rest of you use as an inspection sheet? The local office could care less what I use just as long as I sign off it meets the standards and list any repairs needed. They care about it being done right but not on the form I use.

Now I am wondering what I should be using, or if my form covers everything. When I sign off have I checked everything I am supposed to? Their web site (and local office) are not any help in this area. Thats why I made my own form to start with!

So what do you use for a inspection check list?


Junior Member
Jan 15, 2002
Jeff, don't know how the rest of the state operates but in HSV, Rural Development requires an inspection by either a licensed inspector or the appraiser (the choice is the lender's). If an inspector is used, he/she provides the lender with 2 certifications: the Certification of Existing Building (or something to that effect) and the Thermal Certification.

If the appraiser performs the inspection functiion, he/she completes the HUD VC form and the Thermal Certification. If you need it, I can fax you the Thermal Cert but may have to dig to find the other one.
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