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What to do when you're asked for financial help

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moh malekpour

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May 25, 2002
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What's the toughest money question? It's the one that can't be solved with a calculator, or even by a smart accountant.

In fact, you may need the combined insights of a family therapist, psychologist and financial planner to find the answer when someone asks: "I need money. Can you help?" You want to help. But should you? And if so, how and how much?

With millions struggling to hang on to their homes, and lenders tightening their standards, more people than ever are approaching family and friends for cash.

Here, the wisdom of experts on how to reply to some typical requests:


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Jan 15, 2002
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Here's a couple SMALL ideas IF your one of the fortunate ones that can do something. when going out to eat when leaving Pay for another couples meal. I always look for an ederly couple & pay their's. (Everything I learned in life of any value came from those older than myself). Another is throw a 20 down for the person behind you in the Grocery lane.

New one when someone is buying 5 or 10 dollars gas, double it after they walk out. the surprise on their face when the pump keeps going is priceless.

Small gifts go much furture than one big one that gets you a photo op. When a "Celebrty shows up at a fund raiser be sure to ask them how much they got paid to attend. It helps them to realize they should donate the fee back.

& IF you really want to feel good hang around a Salvation Army or Saint vincent for a day, hear the stories then go home & kiss your loved ones cause you ain't got it so bad. IF your a real Junkie for problems, go volunteer with your Police or Fire Fighters.
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