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Wireless Printers, Print Servers, USB Hubs

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Scott Kibler

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Oct 7, 2003
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Ok so I'm about to take delivery of my new laptop and have been thinking about the configuration of my peripherals. This is for my home office (solo appraiser), working wife and family use.

Currently I've got two wired computers on my LAN plus my wife's laptop which connects wirelessly ("g" band). I have an HP Laserjet and an inkjet printer which connect to my "work" computer via USB. My wifes laptop generally prints to these printers which means the work computer has to be "on" to print. I also have an external HD also connecting via USB but only used to backup my work computer.

With the arrival of the new laptop, my now former work computer is destined to be file backup and media server for the other computers on the network. I originally intended to keep the printers connected to it but as the printers need to be close to me, I would have to keep it in my office. I'd rather place the old machine in the basement near the router to free up space and thus need a way to connect and share the printers. I'm probably going to replace the inkjet printer but want to keep my non-network-ready laser printer in place. I've been thinking of various scenarios and was wondering what experience you guys have with some of this stuff.

1) Buy a wireless network inkjet photo printer or multifunction printer. Share the new printer with the network, direct connect the laser printer and other peripherals to the laptop when needed.

2) Buy a network USB Hub. Connect all existing printers and other USB devices to be shared across the network.

3) Buy a wireless print server.

My understanding is that these print servers are very difficult to set up and often don't work very well. The network USB Hub sounds like the best way to do this but I have no experience with them nor know anyone who does. Ditto the wireless printers; more expensive than the non-wireless plus the wireless printers available do not get rated very well on print quality.

Anybody with experience in these things like to pass along some advice?

Michael Tipton

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Sep 25, 2005
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Certified Residential Appraiser
I picked up a HP Jetdirect 200M to upgrade my LJ1300 to wireless and also added printer memory from ebay. With the adapter, I only have to power up the printer to print from one of my wireless computers.
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