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  1. Hydei

    Appraisal Trainee

    Hello everyone, If you are interested to work with a professional appraise who has a lot of experience in this market and to be familiar with soft wares and know how to reconcile, please contact to me and see attached my resume. I am very persistent and reliable to work with and grow our business.
  2. P

    Appraisal for Estate Planning purposes

    Hi! I am working on my 1st Estate Planning Appraisal. Any and all information, samples etc are welcomed. I took a class on it online but still need guidance. TIA
  3. R

    Return on investments

    Hi guys, I received a revision request and I am having trouble understanding what they want from me exactly "Regarding the improvements since purchase – please expound on the investment since purchase ($ expended for the remodeling/updates) and the return (or lack thereof) for this investment...
  4. martendavis

    Dissapointed in McKissock

    Last year I purchased the ability to take continuing education courses for my Appraisal Re-certification. I was told that I could pay $399 to be able to take as many courses as I wanted to satisfy me continuing education. I took my courses and renewed my license. I just got a bill on my...
  5. M

    Excel Test

    Hello all, I would really appreciate some help. I am currently working on the excel test in order to register for MAI courses and I am having some issues. I know that I am generating the correct answers because I am checking all the work with a calculator. I am using all the formulas that...
  6. Alli B.

    Question About Easements And Natural Springs

    I purchased land for a non-profit org for at-risk kids. The land sits on three aquifers and my neighbor had his well in the same line purchased by the county. A creek with a deep freshwater spring sits on my property. Now the county wants an easement that would encompass the spring. I don't know...
  7. IVCA

    A Completely New System For Home Financing

    I think we need a completely new system for home financing that moves the center of gravity from the lending industry to home sustainability managed by appraisers. The appraiser's responsibilities shift from rubber stamp activities to maintenance and upgrade process activities. There must...
  8. IVCA

    First Residential Appraisal In 10 Years

    For those who are getting back into appraisal to earn some extra income in retirement (I am now 71), I just finished my first residential appraisal since when I quit back in 2008. It was a retrospective estate appraisal of an average home in El Granada, CA. I originally estimated two weeks...
  9. U

    Virtual Appraiser Assistant Preparing Appraisal Reports

    Hi, I am seeking a Job as Appraiser Assistant. I can prepare an entire report from scratch to till the end. I am also providing appraisal data entry, researching comps data. I have great expertise in Wintotal Appraisal software Also familiar with other appraisal software. I have used Matrix MLS...
  10. U

    Virtual Appraiser Assistant

    Hi, I am seeking a Job as Appraiser Assistant. I am working as Real Estate Appraiser from 3-years experience in Preparing Appraisal reports from scratch to till the end. I have great expertise in Wintotal Appraisal software, Matrix MLS, Navica MLS, Rappatoni MLS, Finding County Record, Deed...
  11. U

    Virtual Appraiser Assistant

    Hi, I am working as Real Estate Appraiser from 3-years experience in Preparing Appraisal reports from scratch to till the end. I have great expertise in Wintotal Appraisal software, Matrix MLS, Navica MLS, Rappatoni MLS, Finding County Record, Deed, Statistical Work such as Regression Analysis...
  12. M

    Experienced Remote Appraisal Data Entry Assistant

    I have over 15 years of appraisal office experience and would be happy to send you my resume. I currently do remote data entry on ACI & Wintotal. My turn time is usually the same day (depending on what time of day I get the order), but within 24 hours no matter what. I work for a couple of...
  13. G

    USPAP And Transferred FHA Files

    Hello, I hope I am posting in the right place. I work for a lender and I am trying to get an idea about a situation that we just found. We had an FHA appraisal transferred to us from another lender. The case number was transferred and lender released the appraisal to us. The appraisal was done...
  14. Jessica S

    FHA Appraisal Conditional On Crawl Space Access

    We are selling our house and we are supposed to close next week friday. We were not informed about the appraiser needing to go into the crawl space due to being an FHA appraisal, well last week friday we found out everything appraised fine, but there is a condition on them getting into the...
  15. F

    Mother / Daughter

    We own a SFR that has a mother-daughter layout so we're trying to get some clarification prior to listing our home for sale so we can bypass any unforeseen hiccups down the road. When you walk in through the main entrance you can go left to the mother / main part of the home, or you can walk...
  16. K

    Bedroom? Dimension And Entrance Questions

    I read that the width, length, ceiling height dimensions of a bedroom must be at least 7 feet. I'm listing a house that has a width of 6 ft. I want to be sure before I tell the homeowner it can't be listed as a bedroom. The second question has to do with the entrance to a bedroom. Is privacy...
  17. aaron woods

    Appraiser's Assistant ~ Data Entry ~ Report Writer ~ Typist

    Are you in need of some appraisal assistance? Here’s a bit about me: I have over 15 years of experience as an appraisal office manager, valuation specialist, and quality control appraisal reviewer for bare land to multi-million dollar properties. For the past few years I have been assisting...
  18. Ascended

    Cancellation Fee?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know how many of your (if any) charge a cancellation fee for cancelled orders. I'm thinking about starting to since some pre-paperwork & attempts to contact the homeowner do cost time. Thoughts?
  19. M

    New Home Buyer: Log Home Purchase - Appraisal Concerns

    Hello All! I saw this forum and during my research and it has been a great resource as I have heard horror stories about log home appraisals and have concerns and am just looking for information, which will helpfully put me at ease. I would be gutted if the appraisal came back low and killed...
  20. I

    Appraiser Didn't Use More Recent Comp Favoring A Much Older Lower Sale

    I'm posting this to see if anyone is kind enough to review my situation and provide professional feedback and opinion on this matter. I'm selling my home and the buyer's appraisal from the bank came in $5k below the sale price. The sale price is $139,900 and the appraisal came in at $135k. The...
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