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  1. E

    How to make adjustments for Wholesaler Assignment Fees.

    Working on an AS-IS/ARV appraisal report and my best comp that is a few houses down recently sold through a wholesaler. MLS states that the property sold for $115,000. County Tax Records state that the property sold for $99,000. Under the seller concession area on MLS the realtor states...
  2. G

    Unpaid VA Fee By Large Lender

    Completed a VA appraisal on 10/30/2018. I started following up the POC on the 1805 on the 31st day with no response. I started to expand my reach into this lender including processors & loan originators. I have left messages and sent emails to no less than 8 different people and received one...
  3. Skeletor

    The $275 1004

    Yesterday, I received an email from SingleSource indicating that there is an open order. I parted ways with SingleSource well over a year ago but will do an appraisal for them every once in a while, e.g., I've only prepared two appraisals for them this year. Anyway, I logged in to their system...
  4. DiverMike

    When Customary Fees Become Unreasonable

    Fellow appraisers, I've been working on a proposal for recommended national MINIMUM appraisal fees where GSEs are involved. The first draft can be read at the following link, OR at appraisersguild.org please visit http://mfford.com/html/c___r_fees.htm Apologies for using my personal site but...
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