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  1. The Market Doctor

    FHA Nightmare Appraisal with many repairs

    I have an FHA appraisal on a mutli unit dwelling. The main house has clear settlement issues. Calling for an engineer to inspect. Also large detached garage is falling apart. Cant decide to call to be razed or repaired. Seems to have been sitting in very poor condition for an extended period...
  2. L

    Appraiser Trainee looking for Supervisor in San Diego area or LA area.

    Just got my trainee license. I am looking for a Supervisor. I am currently in San Diego but living with family so I can easily move to LA if there is a job opportunity there. If anyone has any advice for a trainee to find someone that would be helpful as well.
  3. J

    New Appraiser Advice Please?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently working my way through the liscensure process process to start a career/side gig as a Licensed Residential appraiser. My plan is to go independent and take any work as it comes, probably slow at first. My question to the group - What advice can you give on things...
  4. S

    Charge A Fee For Weeks Of Contact Flaking?

    Good afternoon, folx! I'm an office manager at a small appraisal collective. We had an order for a refi that I accepted and immediately reached out to schedule. This is where it gets tricky. We never actually went out to the property, but: On five occasions over the period of a month, the...
  5. Dallas Scott Wilke

    1073 Condo>project Information>general Description>type

    I'm a Trainee, and I'm working on a Condo for the first time. What is the required UAD format/possible answers under "Type" in Project Information > General Description?
  6. C

    Where To Begin?

    Two-fold question here: I am currently working for a university but am looking at making a move into an appraisal career. I recently got an offer to become a real estate agent (salary plus commission) and am wondering if this will end up helping or hurting me in the long run. My thought is that...
  7. wward35634

    Trainee Finally Making Ends Meet Shooting Comp Photos!

    I am an AT in Los Angeles and I found a decent shop to take me on part time. The problem is that I am only being paid $12/hr for 3 days a week, and one of those days was being spent taking comp photos! I couldn't make ends meet, so.... I noticed that comp photos take up a lot of time in this...
  8. Ascended

    VA Application & References

    Hey guys. Question. I applied to VA 6 months ago. They just asked me for another appraiser reference. The thing is I already gave them 3 references and honestly, I don't know any other appraisers. I asked them if there was an alternative and they said no. It had to be an appraiser giving a...
  9. Ascended

    To Hire An Assistant Or Work Solo?

    I am really plagued on how to proceed with my business. I got certified back in 2014 and opened my own LLC at that time. Now, I am "capped" at the most work I can handle by myself. Thus, my income ceiling has been hit working on my own. I could hire an assistant or apprentice, but is it...
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