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  1. S

    supervisor appraiser

    Hello fellow appraisers My name is Sergio and I am currently taking courses on becoming a Certified Appraiser. I am looking for a Certified Appraiser that is willing to work with me and become my supervisor. I live in Kern County in the town of Delano (close to Bakersfield) and I am willing to...
  2. L

    Appraiser Trainee looking for Supervisor in San Diego area or LA area.

    Just got my trainee license. I am looking for a Supervisor. I am currently in San Diego but living with family so I can easily move to LA if there is a job opportunity there. If anyone has any advice for a trainee to find someone that would be helpful as well.
  3. W

    I Am A Trainee Looking For A Supervisor In The Greater Milwaukee Area

    I am looking for a company that wants a new trainee in the greater Milwaukee area. Does anyone know who I can contact?
  4. M

    Adding An Appraiser

    I have been solo for 10 years. A few years ago, I hired my brother so he could get certified. He has finally received his certification. How do you run a business while having other appraisers on staff? So far my clients have been open to adding him to the rotation because he is an extension of...
  5. juliekt

    Trainee Experience Log Help

    I've been working under my sponsor for a few months. I'm trying to get my logs organized and I have a few questions. I called TALCB, and they only thing they told me was, "Your sponsor should know these questions" then quickly got off the phone. This is my sponsor's first time having a trainee...
  6. PaulBrown

    Lender Supervision Requirements

    We currently operate an appraisal business with five staff appraisers consisting of two certified generals, one certified residential, and two associate/licensed appraisers. The general responsibility roles within the company are that one of the certified general appraisers handle farmground...
  7. H

    Southern California (la/oc)appraiser Trainee

    Appraiser Supervisors: I'm currently enrolled in the BREA approved appraisal courses and interested in working for a supervisor in the LA/OC area in three weeks. I have conducted hundreds of desktop appraisals for a local investment company and now looking to officially certify. If you are a...
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