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  1. BigD LLC

    Does TX Require CO Detectors in a Condo if Owner Occupied?

    Just received the following revision from client "Please comment/note if there are any applicable states or local codes that require CO detectors. If required, photo must be included or comment made there is none present.". I commented that I did observe them to be present at the time of my...
  2. juliekt

    Licensed Appraisers Supporting Themselves In Texas?

    Im in the process of becoming licensed. The plan was to go straight from being a trainee to being certified, but this summer I can either renew my trainee license or become a licensed appraiser. I thought I might as well get my license :shrug:. From there I’ll become certified. I have two years...
  3. juliekt

    Trainee Experience Log Help

    I've been working under my sponsor for a few months. I'm trying to get my logs organized and I have a few questions. I called TALCB, and they only thing they told me was, "Your sponsor should know these questions" then quickly got off the phone. This is my sponsor's first time having a trainee...
  4. T

    Rural Appraisal In Ne Texas, Need Advice

    First....Hello to everyone reading this, I apologize for the long post, but after reading your forums and realizing how confusing this issue can be I wanted to give as much info as possible. Here's the situation , we are trying to purchase a rural property, we have two options for financing...
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