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Appraisal: Incompetence/Recourse

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Jan 16, 2002
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Pam: Quote: “Most of the posts under this thread were written under erroneous assumptions and without knowing the full story or the details that would be necessary to come to realistic conclusions. Way too many took a 'know it all' attitude when we knew very little about this particular situation.”
Pam, that is precisely the point. Suppose the people you refer to had been on a state appraisal board. We have gotten to the place in this country that if certain classes of people make an acquisition against another class of people, the class perceived as being the stronger is presumed to be guilty until proven innocent. (Although their is no evidence he did anything wrong, due to the seriousness of the charge, we must hold a witch hunt). In the two cases mentioned in my above post a poor woman done wrong, an aspiring young appraiser done wrong, and the villain is a mean old “big fee” appraiser and the “big loan origination fee” corporate lenders sucking the blood of the less fortunate. A certain political faction in this country has instilled this mentality in the mind of the public and in my opinion this attitude violates every principle this country use to stand for and it is totally un-American.
You suggest we put this incident behind us; I say let’s tattoo it on our foreheads least we make the same mistake twice. One mistake like this can ruin somebody’s life and career.
I hope somebody mails this thread to the NC Appraisal Board, because it has their finer prints all over it.

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Jan 4, 2002
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Everyone, especially appraisers please take note:

This forum, "Ask an Appraiser" is for the purpose of allowing members of the public to ask general appraisal questions. This is the only forum that we allow the public to ask appraisal questions. Answers to these questions are not official and are given through the generosity of forum members. But it is not something you can take to the bank. Just to give the public a general idea how the appraisal process works. Nothing more.

Appraisers that can provide answers without being sarcastic or rude are encouraged to do so, if they choose, and if they are knowledgeable about the particular question that was asked. If they can not answer without getting into arguments with either the question asker or other appraisers, then they should not answer questions.

In other words, appraisers, this particular forum is the one in which you represent the appraisal profession to the public. You should put your best foot (words) forward. You are "the appraiser" and should answer the questions in a professional, straight forward manner.

Some of the answers given assume that the public either has lots of knowlege about the profession, or that the public is out to "get" the appraiser.

So, let's take a look at what we're writing here, and leave out the non-professional stuff. This is directed to no one in particular, but it you will read some of the recent topics you will certainly see what I am talking about. Think before you post, evaluate how you would feel if you received the answer you are about to give and please, be professional and be NICE!

Terry Russell

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Feb 24, 2002
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This should not come as shock to anyone posting answers to questions or opinions regarding certain real estate transactions. but the reason for inquiring is that I/we (I know I can not speak for all but I have yet to read any original topic posts that were not questions) seek professional input on a given circumstance. If I should (did) post a topic issue and I am way out of line or assuming something that goes way deeper than I have knowledge of. It would be great to get a reply like:
“Whoa! Hold on there bucko!” “Need to do your homework, Bud.”
“Try reading this” or “You need to do some more research”.
An objective suggestion or idea would help those us seeking to gain knowledge and insight from professionals of our sought after career.
Name-calling, highly charged accusations and bitterness teaches me nothing.
If I make an incorrect assumption, please say so.
In addition, the questions posted here that relate to marginal or blatant or illegal actions by those bound by law and Rules of Professional Practice are posted because an individual believes they saw a confusing document or was misled to believe that which is not the truth. They are generally seek guidance and advice to whatever it is that just don’t look right.
That’s all I have and the above is just a post, that is all it is. Terry


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Jan 15, 2002
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"House on 20 acres' is not a typical appraisal assignment, so the fee may be higher than typical.

Could be the appraiser did not have experience in appraising this type of property (but this is no excuse for incompetent work).

BUT, I would not pay 2 appraisal fees, if the first was shoddy work....
AND, I would have insisted that a DIFFERENT appraiser be retained for the second appraisal.

YES, you should question and feel free to critique an appraisal done for your benefit. I wish I knew then (back when I was purchasing my first home) what I knew now!

Just my 2 cents :wink:
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