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Appraisal industry in disarray

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Head Surfer

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Jan 4, 2002
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This post was 2 years old and someone dug it up and posted to it bringing it back from the dead. Since the original poster is no longer a member and he is still being blasted by current posters to use his real name and he can't because he is literaly a ghost (deleted member).

So we will lock this one and let it disappear back where it belongs.

Oh yeah, Tina, one more post in the appraisal forums about your underwear and the like and you're outta here permanently.

Leon Stewart

Jan 15, 2002
Originally posted by ElliottReed@Feb 23 2004, 09:05 PM
We've given Casper enough to respond to.

I hate to tell you Casper, there were number hitters
30 years ago when I started in this profession.

I agree with Casper that the Skippy's are training
more Skippy's. I have clients who want a good
appraisal, cause they know the costs associated
with a poor appraisal (maybe not on one loan, but
a certain number of properties are going to go into

Appraiser's were gods after the S&L bailout. That
status went away with national licensing...too many
big banks got in their and water down the standards.
(If you can't push around an appraiser who you goin
to push around to get the loan?)

Casper is what is known as a flame thrower. Your
turn Casper. ;)

When did the Lender started to loose money on a Foreclosure? What's the purpose of FHA Insurance, PMI, and VA Gurrantee? Or is that something different?

Not open for further replies.
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