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Can We Talk About This? Software Changes

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Feb 26, 2010
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North Dakota
TOTAL is suppose to come out with cloud software. Waiting........ Seems like Total always over promises on their release dates. I will believe it when I see it.

It does exist. I am able to sign into the Titan beta with my user name and password. It looks very similar to Total but is still missing a lot of features. I think if I could upload my quick responses I could actually use it for completing most of the form. But right now its still missing too many features to be production ready. So I think we will see it eventually, but it has been my experience in the short time that I have been with Total that they tend to over promise and under deliever on new software. Then it seems to take them about 10 years to get bugs worked out at which point they do a complete re-write and start the cycle again. People mock Clickforms because its an old interface that was developed to work with Windows XP. That may be but it seems to me they did it right the first time and it is still going strong. I regret that I didn't just switch to Clickforms years ago when NCVForms ceased to exist. But now I am in a waiting pattern to see what comes out.

For a brief period after the Corelogic announcement there was a lot of talk about new software that was in the works. But now I hear nothing. The way I see it we have only a few choices:

1) Continue to use Total and wait on Titan cloud software
2) Switch to one of the other known providers such as ACI, Clickforms, SFREP. Both ACI and Clickforms have cloud software in the works as well. SFREP took a different route and is working on a 64bit version on their desktop software.
3) Wait and hope that all this talk was about some new, but currently unknown software provider.

I would have no problem switching to a young start up if they provided desktop software as well as cloud software and provided me with a means to always be able to access my data if they dissappeared in the future. But I would hesitate if it was cloud only. The last thing I want is for all my data to be lost in the cloud. Thats goes for a start up or a known provider. In either case I would prefer to store my files locally and have a means to access them without using their cloud servers.
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