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Get right or get out!

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Don Clark

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Jan 17, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
I just attended a USPAP Instructor Certification Course in Baltimore June 21-23. This question about JE came up. Two (2) members of the Standards Board that taught the course stated that a state board does not have the right to invoke JE. Only a court of law, or a state body that writes law, or an opinion by a court, an attorney general, or other competent legal authority can invoke JE. Look it up. There is a Q & A on the subject at www.appraisalfoundation.org


USPAP Compliant

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Jan 15, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
North Carolina

What was your take on the USPAP class? Lots of history, background and structure of The Foundation...but not a lot of USPAP from the USPAP book?
Give us all your "review" of the class.

I am sure some changes have been made since I took it in March.

Let me say that I may not be any smarter than the average appraiser, but without any false modesty I do claim to be better informed on many issues than MOST appraisers. I became better informed by attending classes, board meetings and reading every thing I get my hands on about the appriasal business over the last 12+ years. Sometimes those like me that are not smart have to work a little harder. I have accumulated several cerficates and diplomas that don't say I am smarter...but certainly indicate I have jumped thru some hoops and become btter informed.

As for the JE issue, it is a NON-ISSUE in NC, since the NCAB has NEVER attempted to invoke it and has no authority to do so, just as you said.

I am ready for a new topic! This JE stuff is just not a big issue.



Don and Bob,

The entire issue of this thread was not JE. It was that there are a few people in this forum that believe they are never wrong. My posts were meant to show that the law is very vauge. Don, in the law, where does it say that. I do not care what the instructors or members of ASB say. When you go to court, you argue law. My posts were meant to cause people to look again and read it. Sometimes what we all think it means, because that is what we have been told, is not really what it says. Any good lawyer could have a field day with it.
Jan 16, 2002
Read the article entitled: "Finger Painting: FIRREA Subverted" by George R. Harrison, Ph.D which appears in "Real Estate Valuation Magazine" - June/July 2002 issue.
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