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Reviewing a Poor Appraisal

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Feb 4, 2002
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I am in the same situation at the moment. I am presently doing a review of a residential appraisal by an appraiser notorius for inflating values. He says $75,000, I say, IMHO, about $25,000. :roll: He seems to be pulling every trick in the book, using old comps in superior areas, comps that have been completely renovated compared to the flea trap of a subject. I would be willing to turn this into the state, but I feel as if I should talk this over with my boss first. Wouldn't want to go over anyones head. I am just curious as to what my involvment in such a situation would be? I haven't the remotest clue as to how I would go about such a thing. Is it difficult/time consuming? I would like to nail the sucker to the wall, as this kind of crap makes my job much more difficult, ie. "we just had it appraised last year for $20K more than what you came in at, what are you, stupid or something?" Me, "Or something. It's called honesty. I learned it in Boy Scouts". That, and I don't get paid enough for reviews anyways. :wink:


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Jan 16, 2002
You do what you think is right,

If you have them nailed on specifics, you've got 'em. You go ahead. Whether or not that will lead to a sastifying action, well, I kind of doubt it. One thing is for sure, if you do NOTHING, NOTHING will happen.

BB in Texas
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