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This is a MUST READ

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Tim The Enchanter

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Jan 24, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
I think it's HEAR HEAR. Or maybe it's Hear Here!? All hear this?

All appraisers should have a GOOD education at least in appraisal and RE, if not a "well rounded" education. Requirements should be tightened, and if you're already a good appraiser it should not be a worry. (Where's that Alfred E Neuman icon?) :?: :lol:

We sure don't need more "grads" from the "close cover before striking" matchbook school of appraisal. :lol:

We're Professional :!: :x


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Jan 16, 2002
The education requirements that are being proposed are excellent!!!!

They can't happen soon enough for me. The thing that I didn't like is "distance education" is still allowed. "Distance education" or correspondence courses suck. I mean they really, really suck. I call it the Dominoes Pizza approach to education. Degree in a Box.

Distance education is one of the reasons that in Texas we have so many poorly trained R.E. Brokers. Texas requires 900 hours of education to be a broker (the highest requirements in the nation), but then they turn around and allow them to get the education "mail order". It defeats the purpose of heavy education requirements.

Appraising should be a higher level of expertise and professionalism than even being a broker. How can it be when brokers have 900 hours and appraisers only have 120? No wonder nobody has any respect for appraisers.

And furthermore, people need to quit harping on "education not being the answer to dishonesty". Of course it is not the answer. Law enforcement is the answer for dishonesty. License revocation, prison sentences, that will have an effect. Of course there will always be some dishonesty. In Texas murder is illegal, and we have some law enforcement, but we still have murders.

BB in Texas
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